Thermal insulation is the most cost-effective strategy to reduce your company’s carbon footprint (see McKenzie study page 2). Fit Tight Covers can help determine your facility’s potential energy and carbon savings with a Certified Insulation Energy Appraisal.

The appraisal includes on-site data collection, analysis of missing and damaged insulation, thermal imaging, and a detailed report of the findings. The final report will show the current state, explain proposed insulation upgrades, calculate a simple payback on those upgrades, and most importantly translate energy savings to CO2 emissions for every location where improvements can be made. NIA (Nat’l Insulation Association) certified appraisers have completed multi-day courses, passed examinations, and regularly participate in ongoing education.


  1. One of Fit Tight Cover’s NIA-certified appraisers will visit your facility to gather data on the insulated and uninsulated piping, ductwork, and mechanical equipment. Interviews will be conducted to determine current energy and maintenance costs, as well as, energy-savings and carbon reduction goals.
  2. Using industry-specific software (NAIMA 3E Plus), the appraiser will determine actual Btu losses and GHG emissions for each audited system and piece of equipment.
  3. A report will document the current state, recommend solutions, and show the CO2 emissions and potential for savings on each unique line item. The report will also provide an exact ROI (return on investment) for your upgrades, which is typically less than 6 months.


Our certified appraisals include thermal images of your facility’s piping systems and mechanical equipment. With our FLIR camera, we are able to find deteriorated or improperly installed insulation not visible to the naked eye. These images show gaps or voids where energy is being lost.

Investing in insulation improvements is the most impactful strategy owners can implement for reducing greenhouse gases. Mechanical insulation is an underutilized technology in energy-efficient efforts and one that needs to be strongly considered. According to the NIA, insulating just 1 ft of bare pipe @ 350F is equivalent to the carbon sequestered by 46 trees in a year.

If you’re interested in getting a certified insulation energy appraisal, contact us today!