6 Best Reasons to Switch to Removable Insulation Covers

Control valves, steam traps, pipe joints, and other pieces of equipment found in heating and cooling systems are often vital to a building’s ongoing operations. These components must be accessible for routine maintenance, but traditional hard insulation can make this difficult. This issue becomes even worse when dealing with large commercial buildings, where space constraints are common.

Removable insulation covers allow for easy access to these important parts while offering heat retention, personnel protection, and preventing moisture intrusion. They are designed to fit over existing piping systems, making installation straightforward. After removal, the covers can easily be reinstalled, allowing technicians to work on different areas without having to worry about damaging exposed metal.

The benefits of using removable insulation covers extend beyond just saving time and effort. Using NAIMA’s free 3E Plus software, we have shown that insulating one foot of 4” steam pipe operating at 350°F with a 1” thick removable cover can reduce heat loss and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 95%. 

Here are 6 of the best reasons to switch to removable insulation covers: 

Save Energy Immediately

By insulating your equipment sooner rather than later, you’re saving your business from unnecessary losses in heat. In the long run, this will help reduce energy costs allowing you to put those assets toward other projects.

Make Maintenance Easy

If you detect any issues with your equipment, it’s important to remedy the problem right away. Removable insulation covers allow for extremely easy maintenance and inspections. Our covers can be removed quickly and easily, which saves you money and manpower. Once repairs & inspections are complete, it’s easy to reinstall the covers to their original place.

Improve Your Work Environment

OSHA safety violations are a serious matter. By protecting your high-temperature pipes and equipment with proper insulation covers, you are protecting your employees from possible skin damage and other harm.

Prevent Waste

Traditional hardcover insulation can be a hassle to remove or replace. If you’re trying to perform inspections or maintenance on equipment covered with hard insulation, you must replace the insulation after it’s removed. This causes unnecessary waste that can be easily avoided with the purchase of removable insulation.

Extend the Life of Your Equipment

Accidents happen in a working environment, so it’s important to protect your piping and valves to ensure the longevity of your equipment. Removable insulation covers can also protect against outdoor elements. 

Save Money in the Short-Term & Long-Term

Whether you’re lowering the amount of waste your company is producing or reducing the amount of heat your equipment emits, you’re saving money. Having more money to work with as a company is vital to continued success. Removable insulation covers can put you on a path one step closer to this.

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