6 Tips on Caring For Removable Insulation Blankets

While our product has been known by many names over the years- covers, blankets, diapers, wraps, bags- one thing for certain is that consistent care is key to extending the life of your removable insulation covers. Our covers are custom-made to fit your equipment precisely and to withstand wet or dry conditions.

While our covers are crafted to last, there are a few things you can do to ensure they last even longer. Here are 5 tips to help you keep your removable insulation covers performing their best!

Be careful not to cut or damage the outer protective cover fabrics

Maintaining the integrity of the outer surface of your removable insulation cover is paramount. You want to ensure that there are no punctures or cuts that can allow moisture, heat, chemicals, or oils to saturate the insulation and compromise the efficiency of your removable cover.

Ensure they are installed correctly every time

Properly installing each insulation cover is the simplest method of caring for them. A snug fit prevents condensation, protects your team, and protects your equipment. Ensure that all Velcro flaps and rope ties fully cover any & all space between blankets.

Store the covers in clean, dry areas

When your covers aren’t in use, the storage location is also important. Be sure to store your insulation covers in a clean, dry location. This prevents foreign elements from coming into contact with your covers (and your equipment when you re-install them).

Don’t use force when installing

In addition to proper fitting, it’s equally important to avoid using too much force when installing your insulation covers. They are designed to fit snugly onto the equipment, but if you use too much force during installation you may accidentally damage them.

Avoid moisture and clean off spills promptly

If your insulation covers get wet or exposed to a spill, clean them immediately. The specially designed fabrics used in our covers are made to withstand environmental elements and spills, but if liquid penetrates the seams, it could cause the covers to be less effective. Oil or chemical spills can damage the exterior of the removable covers, negatively impacting their integrity and putting your equipment at risk.

Inspect them regularly

Your removable insulation cover care routine should include a regular schedule of inspection when in use and in storage. When you remove your insulation covers, visually inspect them for signs of damage before storing them away or re-installing them.

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