Fit Tight Covers Wins CSIA Platinum Level Safety Award

In today’s workplace landscape, safety has emerged as a top priority for organizations across industries. Recognizing the critical importance of promoting safety programs and practices, the Central States Insulation Association (CSIA) established the Best Practices in Safety Recognition Program. Designed to encourage member participation while offering meaningful recognition and feedback, this program serves as a benchmark for safety excellence. Fit Tight Covers, a distinguished player in the industry, has recently achieved the prestigious Platinum Level recognition in this esteemed program. Let’s explore the reasons behind their remarkable achievement.

Fostering Safety with Expert Collaboration:

The CSIA Board of Directors, in collaboration with legal counsel Gary Auman of Auman, Mahan & Furry, worked diligently to develop the program’s application questions. By leveraging their expertise and insights, they created a comprehensive framework that assesses the effectiveness of safety programs and practices. All applications are evaluated anonymously by legal counsel, ensuring impartiality and fairness. Additionally, each participant receives a written critique of their safety program, providing valuable feedback for improvement.

A Graded Evaluation Process:

The program’s evaluation process involves grading each application question on a scale of 0 to 10 points. These scores are then totaled and divided by the number of questions, resulting in a percentage score. Based on the percentage achieved, the CSIA program recognizes companies at different levels. Fit Tight Covers’ outstanding performance, with a score between 94 and 100 percent, earned them the highly esteemed Platinum Level recognition.

Continuous Improvement through Feedback:

Upon receiving the award, each participant, including Fit Tight Covers, is provided with a detailed multi-page letter from Gary Auman. This personalized feedback letter delves into the specific reasons behind their score, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. The CSIA program’s goal is to foster self-improvement, allowing companies to continuously enhance their safety programs year after year. Fit Tight Covers is encouraged to implement the suggestions outlined in the letter to further strengthen their safety practices.

Exemplary Commitment to Safety:

Fit Tight Covers’ achievement of the Platinum Level recognition is a testament to their unwavering commitment to safety excellence. Their dedication to creating a safe work environment for their employees is reflected in their exceptional safety programs and practices. By winning this prestigious award, Fit Tight Covers demonstrates their industry leadership and sets a benchmark for other organizations to aspire to.

Building on Success:

The CSIA Best Practices in Safety Recognition Program emphasizes the importance of continuous improvement. Participants are encouraged to reapply in subsequent years, ensuring the progressive development of their safety programs. Fit Tight Covers’ Platinum Level recognition serves as an inspiration for them to continue refining their safety practices, setting higher standards, and sharing their knowledge and expertise with the industry.


Fit Tight Covers’ exceptional achievement of winning the CSIA Best Practices in Safety Recognition Program Award at the Platinum Level exemplifies their steadfast commitment to safety. Through their dedication, continuous improvement efforts, and exemplary safety programs, they have become a role model for the insulation industry. Fit Tight Covers’ success underscores the significance of prioritizing and investing in robust safety practices, ultimately fostering a safer and more secure work environment for employees.