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Energy Savings Revealed for AstraZeneca

energy savings Certified Insulation Energy AppraiserEnergy Savings Revealed for AstraZeneca

Fit Tight Covers recently helped one of their pharmaceutical customers realize potential savings with a Certified Insulation Energy Appraisal. This specialty service, offered by FTC, differs from an energy audit, which only reports on the current state of mechanical systems and equipment. An energy appraisal goes much further and demonstrates how insulation upgrades reduce operating expenses through energy savings.

The insulation upgrade recommendations at AstraZeneca came in the form of both conventional insulation and removable insulation. However, the majority of improvement opportunities were identified in areas where removable insulation was ideal. At large pharmaceutical plants there are components of a mechanical system necessary to access for routine maintenance and calibration: valves, pumps, filters, flow meters, strainers, heat exchangers, etc. Often times maintenance personnel will take off conventional (or permanent) insulation in these areas to conduct their business and then leave equipment uninsulated when finished. These gaps in the insulation system are a huge opportunity to reduce energy usage and enable systems to operate more efficiently, therefore reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

With a removable insulation cover maintenance personnel are inclined to re-seal the insulation system because you can remove and reuse the insulation pad very easily and in a timely manner. Mechanical engineers design systems to be completely insulated and any exposed piping or equipment at a plant is an opportunity to save money and reduce carbon emissions.

Fit Tight Covers has 5 certified energy appraisers on staff. They are trained through a reputable third-party organization – NIA (National Insulation Association). The appraisal includes an onsite walk-through, personnel interviews, data collection, BTu loss calculations, thermal imaging, and a report detailing current state, proposed insulation upgrades, and payback period with potential energy savings. 

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Energy Appraisal Infrared