Removable insulation covers (also known as removable insulation blankets, jackets, or pads) consist of noncombustible, thermal insulation materials. They’re most often used on valves, pumps, tanks, heat exchangers, and similar machinery. These insulation covers work to slow the transfer of thermal energy, improve safety conditions, and extend the service life of your equipment.

Here are some advantages of removable insulation covers to consider when choosing an insulation method that’s right for you!

Save Energy & Maximize Efficiency

A New York Power Authority (NYPA) grant-funded project found that using pipe insulation jackets could save thousands of dollars in energy costs for 25 buildings across the State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz campus. The jackets directly reduced the number of BTUs (British Thermal Units – the energy used to heat/cool) by about 500 million annually by wrapping around the hot piping and valves to keep the heat in. In five years, the SUNY New Paltz campus will save up to $250,000. The reduction of BTUs also leads to fewer carbon emissions.

As a result of using removable insulation blankets, companies achieve operational efficiency and reach compliance standards (like energy efficiency regulations mandated on a state or federal level).

Improving Your Work Environment

The same NYPA grant-funded project asserts that some external piping can reach upward of 350 degrees Fahrenheit without removable insulation jackets, creating dangerous conditions for workers and increasing the need for regular maintenance.

Industrial and warehouse machinery can also be very loud. This excessive noise can disrupt daily operations and create dangerous scenarios for workers. Prolonged exposure to loud noise kills nerve endings in the inner ear, which can lead to permanent hearing loss. This type of insulation mitigates these risks for the employees working nearby.

Prevent Your Pipes From Sweating & Freezing

On the other hand, pipes that get too cold can crack or warp due to a buildup of condensation known as pipe sweating. Uninsulated pipes often form a layer of condensation if the temperature inside the pipes is significantly different from the temperature outside the pipes. Condensation forming on your machinery can cause many issues, like rust and corrosion. These effects shorten the lifespan of your machinery. Water can also drip off the machinery and land in other areas, possibly damaging other items in your space.

Pipes that are exposed to extreme temperatures are at risk of freezing. This can be costly and time-consuming to repair. Removable insulation blankets avert these detrimental conditions from compromising indoor and outdoor components.

Easy Maintenance

If you detect any issues with your equipment, it’s important to remedy the problem as soon as possible. Removable insulation covers allow for extremely easy inspections & maintenance. After any inspections are complete, it’s easy to reinstall the covers to their original place on your equipment.

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