Product Applications

Silicone Impregnated Fiberglass Fabric


This fiberglass fabric material is impregnated with silicone rubber.  The high temperature, flame retardant silicone rubber provides improved resistance to abrasion, flexing, tear and puncture.  This product is designed specifically for high temperature (500°F) removable insulation blankets for valves, flanges, and fittings.


Water and oil resistant, Flame retardant, Low smoke, Easily fabricated, Lightweight

This product was manufactured in the USA under Federal ID #22-176 3475.

Property Data: Style 3100-2-SS
Characteristic Method Values
English Metric
Weight ASTM-D-3776-96 17.5 oz/sy ± 10% 595 g/m2 ± 10%
Thickness ASTM-D-1777-96 0.018″ ± .001″ 0.457 mm ± .025 mm
Tensile Strength ASTM-D-5034-95 Warp- 300 lbs./inch 53.58 kg/cm
Fill- 225 lbs./inch 40.19 kg/cm
Tear Strength ASTM-D-5587-96 Warp- 50 lbs 22.68 kg
Fill- 50 lbs 22.68 kg
Burst Strength ASTM-D-3786-87 600 psi 42 kg/cm2
Flame Resistance FED 191/5903.2 Char Length: 1/16 inch max 0.159 cm max
Afterglow: 1 second max. 1 second max.
Flame Out: 1 second max. 1 second max.
Temperature Resistance FED SPEC HHB-100B Cold: -67°F -54°C to 260°C
Hot: +500°F
Base Fabric and Weave Fiberglass/Satin Weave
Color and Coating Gray Silicone