Product Applications

Aluminized Fiberglass Fabric


This has been specifically designed as shipboard lagging and jacketing material for use over insulation where the surface temperature is under 500°F.  The base fabric is laminated to aluminum foil to provide a vapor barrier.

Characteristic Method Values
English Metric
Weight ASTM-D-3776-96 12.0 oz/sy ± 10% 407 g/m2 ± 10%
Thickness ASTM-D-1777-96 0.020 ± .001″ 0.508 mm  ± .025 mm
Tensile Strength ASTM-D-5035-95 Warp-200 lbs/inch 35.72 kg/cm
Fill-125 lbs/inch 22.33 kg/cm
Tear Strength ASTM-D-5587-96 Warp-25 lbs 11.34 kg
Fill-25 lbs 11.34 kg
Burst Strength ASTM-D-3786-87 200 psi 14 kg/cm2
Flame Resistance FED 191/5903.2 Char length: 1 inch max 2.54 cm max
Afterglow: 1 sec. max 1 sec. max
Flame Out: 1 sec. max 1 sec. max
Temperature Resistance FED SPEC HHB-100B 500°F max 260°C max.
Base Fabric and Weave Fiberglass/Plain weave
Color and Coating Fabric Color/Aluminum Foil