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Man Way Insulation Covers

Fit Tight custom manway insulation covers are your solution to maintain ready access to manway doors while still holding required process temperatures or reducing heat buildup in your plant.

Large closed vessels for processing and storage of liquids are common in petroleum and chemical processing, pharmaceutical manufacture, food and beverage processing, water treatment, and many other facilities. Manways allow access to the inside of the closed vessel for maintenance and clean-out. Because of the variety of closed vessel uses, the types of liquids stored or processed, the internal pressure maintained in the vessel, and other factors, the manway doors come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and have many types of closure configurations.

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12-MV-201 MW.jpg
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Fit Tight manway covers provide a tight seal to integrate with the vessel insulation. Our manway covers are custom designed for your facility, whatever the size or shape of your manway doors, and they are made of high quality materials appropriate for your manufacturing or processing application.

Fit Tight is committed to providing the quality insulation covers our clients’ applications demand. Fit Tight design engineers will visit your site and evaluate your manway insulation cover requirements. They will design the custom insulation covers required for any manway door configuration, temperature range, and access needs in your plant. Then our manufacturing engineers will assure that the covers you receive are durable, long lasting, and specifically designed and manufactured to provide optimum manway door protection and insulation.

Your manway must be readily accessible for routine maintenance and troubleshooting, so our manway insulation covers for closed vessels are custom-designed to be easily removed – yet give a sure, snug fit when replaced. But Fit Tight’s manway insulation covers, or manway insulation blankets, provide another important benefit: significant energy savings each year. And our durable, custom-engineered manway covers maintain a long-lasting, high-quality appearance.

Let Fit Tight be the solution to your manway insulation cover needs. For more information or to schedule a consultation, you can contact our team here or request a quote for your specific custom manway insulation covers.

  • Fit Tight Cover Benefits

    • Energy Conservation
    • Personnel Protection
    • Freeze Protection
    • Fire Protection
    • Labor / Material Savings
    • Sound Attenuation
    • Reduced Room Temperature
    • Maintaining Process Control Temperature
    • Reduced Operation Cycles of Equipment
    • Reduction in Waste Material
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