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Jacketed Vessel Insulation Covers

Fit Tight’s custom jacketed vessel insulation covers, or removable insulation blankets, are an efficient, cost effective solution to maintaining temperature levels in jacketed vessels and reducing production costs.

Jacketed vessels are commonly used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing, and other industries which have exacting heating and cooling requirements for production, with product being moved into vessels where the temperature will be raised, lowered, or maintained at a specific range for exact time periods. To accurately control the temperatures in the vessels, or containers, jacketed vessels are commonly used. The jacket surrounds all or part of the vessel and water or other fluid is circulated through the jacket to transfer heat or cooling through the walls of the vessel to the liquid within the vessel. The custom fit of Fit Tight jacketed vessel insulation covers helps assure that temperatures of the jacket will be maintained efficiently without being affected by the ambient temperature of the surrounding environment.

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There are several types of vessel jackets commonly used in process industries:

  • Conventional jackets covering all around part or all of a vessel
  • Half-pipe coil jackets, wound around the vessel and welded in place
  • Dimple jackets allowing for light-gauge metal construction without sacrificing strength and durability
  • Plate coils, fabricated separately from the vessel then wrapped around the vessel and strapped in place.

Whatever the type of jacketed vessel that is most appropriate for your application, your removable insulation blanket, or insulation cover, requirements will be expertly handled by our Fit Tight team.

Our design engineers will visit your site and evaluate your jacketed vessel insulation cover requirements. They will design the custom insulation covers required for any jacketed vessel configuration, temperature range, and access needs in your plant. Then our manufacturing engineers will assure that the covers you receive are durable, long lasting, and specifically designed and manufactured to provide optimum jacketed vessel protection and insulation. And Fit Tight’s removable jacketed vessel insulation blankets allow easy access for frequent repairs, then fit snugly and easily back into place for minimum downtime and energy loss, making repairs faster and more cost-effective.

Let Fit Tight be the solution to your jacketed vessel insulation cover needs. For more information or to schedule a consultation, you can contact our team here or request a quote for your specific custom jacketed vessel insulation covers.

  • Fit Tight Cover Benefits

    • Energy Conservation
    • Personnel Protection
    • Freeze Protection
    • Fire Protection
    • Labor / Material Savings
    • Sound Attenuation
    • Reduced Room Temperature
    • Maintaining Process Control Temperature
    • Reduced Operation Cycles of Equipment
    • Reduction in Waste Material
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